Hi, I'm christina

owner and creative director of Hello Blue photo + Films

I get so many questions about what camera is best, what lens to use for what, lighting equipment, and the list goes on! While this is not a full list of what we use, it’s a great starting place for reference.

I have four Sony A7III camera bodies, yes FOUR. I talk more about why I have four camera bodies in this post. In the past, I’ve used the Nikon d750 for digital, as well as the Pentax 645n for medium format film. However currently, the only other camera I have in my bag is the Canon AE for 35mm film for black and white film. All of these are great cameras, but now that we offer both photography and videography services, the Sony’s are my absolute favorite.

Throughout the day, I’m using a variety of lenses to achieve different looks for my client’s wedding gallery. Some of these make the image prettier, while others make my job easier 🙂 I use the Sony 55mm 1.8 , 70 – 180mm 2.8 Zoom, and 35mm 1.4 Art Lens.

I also love to enhance the storytelling of the wedding with drone photography. I’ve used both the Mini’s and the DJI Phantom Pro, but currently, I’m using the DJI Mini 3 pro. For me, I want the ease of size, usability, and love how compact and cute it is. I can travel anywhere with it, and get fun personal images / video too!

Once the sun goes down, I use the Godox V1 Flash on camera, but also bring external light for difficult lighting situations. I use the Aputure Light for when I need more light, and put it on this Light Stand.

I use 17 Hats for my client management software. It’s an online platform that allows me to automate and organize my business while I’m at my office on my computer or using my phone through their app on the go. This is who I send invoices, contracts, timeline questionnaires, schedule consults, mini sessions… everything. I swear my business wouldn’t be where it’s at without 17Hats!

Once the wedding is over, I back everything up to . Then I upload previews to my client’s personal gallery in Pic-Time. I love Pic-Time not only because it displays my images in a gorgeous platform for clients to view, share, and download images; but because it automates product and album sales directly from their gallery to my chosen photo lab. I used to spend endless hours designing wedding albums, only to have to re do proofs over and over. Now my client’s have complete design freedom to choose how they want their album to look. Now I get surprise deposits all the time from client orders, and my album orders have continued to increase each year! If you want try Pic-Time out, you can use code LRRM82 for a free month.

Wedding Photography Gear List