You know how sometimes things go absolutely wrong, and it turns out to be a beautiful mess? THIS was one of those things! Rylee and Mike are getting married next year, June 2017, and one of the things they wanted was to have their engagement session on the same date in June 2016. We had the session all planned out… until Mike tore his PCL and MCL! He was going to have to have immediate surgery, and wouldn’t be able to make it through an engagement session. We were all so bummed, but then I had a date open up to do the session earlier than planned. Rylee and Mike were so excited, and we moved forward! Her florist, Amne from Julep Bloom Design, was even able to pull off the most amazing, wild bouquet last minute for the session!

Rylee and Mike were a dream to shoot. They have been together since Jr. High School (yes, you read that right!), and their chemistry was so evident right away. The lighting was perfect, and their style was impeccable! I was able to shoot the entire session hybrid, and deliver almost their entire gallery in film, Fuji 160NS scanned by Richard Photo Lab. I just love when you think everything is going wrong, but it turns out it was all going perfectly right after all!