From Rebecca, the Bride, “I was never the girl that had a scrapbook or Pinterest album of her wedding. When we got engaged, we both knew we wanted something outdoors. Nothing too ballroom stuffy. The first place we went to was Calamigos Ranch and we were sold immediately. We never even looked at another venue. I think the venue lends itself to a certain vibe. I knew there was one flower I wanted specifically and that was the Merlot Burgundy Dhalia. Which was perfect for our fall wedding. I also don’t like a whole lot of color so that was great for our pop and meshing well with all other neutrals. We both come from Jewish backgrounds (Matt is 1/2 jewish) so we knew honoring our families and traditions would be important to both of us. So, we opted for a traditional Jewish ceremony.
 Matt and I both spent a ton of time working on the invitations, menus, place cards, etc. We both worked on every single detail down to the word spacing and fonts. It was very important to us that the overall vibe was classic and elegant yet a bit rustic/earthy. I like to call the theme of the wedding “boho/chic”. Everyone needs another little treat at the end of the night so we did custom M&M party favors with our initials, the date and just married on them for take home gifts!
We chose Christina and Hello Blue Photo because her reputation with my wedding planner was impeccable. The vibe and details captured by Christina are exactly what we were looking for in a photographer capturing our more cherished moments!”