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Live in the moments you’ll never forget. As a wedding photographer, I highly recommend considering a fine art boudoir photography session before your wedding date. As featured on Style Me Pretty, my boudoir sessions have been shown as one of our groom’s favorite wedding gifts!

Embracing the classic elegance of the modern bride, boudoir portraits are meant to capture intimate moments for husband and wife.

Boudoir is French for a woman’s bedroom or private room, and literally means “sulking place”. The space where you are naturally you, but now want to share that vulnerability with him.

the feminity he adores

Hello Blue Photo Fine Art Boudoir Photographer Orange County

The process is an involved one as we capture the femininity he adores and artfully archive it for you to cherish always. This art is meant to be printed and cherished among lovers for decades to come. Boudoir portraits are all about embracing the love you have for him, and furthering the connection between you.

Classic Boudoir Photography
elegant boudoir photography
Hello Blue Photo Fine Art Boudoir Photographer Orange County
Hello Blue Photo Fine Art Boudoir Photographer Orange County

When choosing bridal lingerie and accessories for your boudoir session, I recommend choosing pieces that evoke emotion when envisioning wearing it on your wedding night or honeymoon. Something that hangs or clings to your body delicately, that moves and breathes as you do.

As every bride and relationship is different, so will be your boudoir choices. Some wear intricate lace bodysuits, while others where their fiancĂ©’s button up shirt. Whatever you choose, it’s important that it feels like you. My favorite brands to shop are Nordstrom, Free People, Revolve, ASOS, Anthropologie, and their Bridal division, BHLDN. Here are some more ideas below to help ignite your inspiration.

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I whole heartedly believe that boudoir photography, when shared with the confides of marriage, is an empowering medium that beautifully highlights intimacy, elegance, and feminism in its most delicate form.

Thinking about gifting boudoir prints? or interested in chatting more about what a fine art boudoir photography session would look like?

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Hello Blue Photo Fine Art Boudoir Photographer Orange County

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